Chorizo & Shrimp Paella with Smoked Paprika and Peas

Since I have been pumped to start cooking shrimp, I have been trying all types of new shrimp recipes. This recipe is one of my favorites. This is my second time making this recipe original recipe calls for saffron, and I IMG_20151010_192506511was out so it didn’t put it in this time. Regardless still amazing!

This recipe and the ingredients originally came from Hello Fresh. For several months, I would occasionally get subscription boxes of food and ingredients from Hello Fresh. If anyone is interested,  I highly recommend this food subscription service. It saves time at the grocery store and less time menu planning. The food is fresh! Everything you need is right in one box together and pre-portioned. But I do actually like going to the grocery store and planning my menu, so I don’t order a box every week. I have remade several of the Hello Fresh recipes that my family really enjoyed.

For the most part, I followed this recipe exactly. I was concerned that I would scorched it because I did the first time. I don’t know if using a paella pan would help or not, but currently I don’t have one. I bought my dried chorizo link from one of the local meat markets, Richard’s Country Meat Market. I will add that Richard’s Meat Market very well might be my new favorite place. They had all of the cuts and products that I found myself going to several stores trying to find. Plus, they have many of their own fresh products available for purchase, such a fresh homemade bread.

IMG_20151010_184149978You can choice rather you would like hot or mild chorizo. If you choose hot, make sure you can handle it. This recipe is fairly easy. After adding the peas and shrimp, the instructions state to turn the heat on high and just let the dish cook without stirring. This is the point I scorched my food the first time. I watched the dish closely the second time, and it began to burn again but I caught it in time. I ended up just stirring everything until the shrimp was cooked thoroughly.  The technique that is described in recipe I just haven’t figured out yet. I recommend this recipe to try. The flavors are wonderful with a nice amount of heat. This is definitely a one dish meal and very filling. I would recommend serving it with a side of toasted bread and a glass of chilled white wine. We went with a Riesling because I made this dish at my mom’s for her to try out and that is what she had on hand.

Conclusion: Try at home but watch the cooking at the end. Enjoy!


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